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•    The GPRRA acknowledges that the Stadium represents an ‘asset’ to the City in terms of providing a venue for big events.
•    However it is an undeniable fact that the Stadium is simultaneously a financial liability upon the ratepayer.
•    This City has massive socio-economic problems with many underprivileged areas and people in urgent need of upliftment and development, and can ill afford financial liabilities that do not improve the lives of the people of our City.
•    Ratepayers should be empowered to decide whether they choose to keep funding the Stadium or to use their rates in other ways.
•    The City should present to ratepayers all options in a transparent manner. For example, options could be to:


  • give up our rights to the Common and allow business to commercialise the POS of the Green Point Common in order to fund the Stadium (in our opinion an unacceptable solution),
  • donate the Stadium to a private entity capable of running such a large stadium (eg WP Rugby Union) on condition that they refigure it to their needs and undertake future maintenance (a pragmatic solution),
  • cut our losses and demolish it (financially sensible but emotive),
  • simply keep funding it out of our rates, accepting that it will always be a financial liability but that it is facility that we choose to keep.

•    The GPRRA supports any viable commercial activity, appropriate to the area, within the Stadium and in the Stadium Precinct (Stadium, Podium, Forecourt).
•    The City is being disingenuous in seeking removal of restrictions and changes to the ROD.
•    The GPRRA is not opposed to the commercialisation of the already-alienated land between the Stadium and Granger Bay Boulevard, provided such developments are financially viable and not a further drain upon the City’s coffers.
•    The GPRRA is absolutely opposed to any further built infrastructure on the remainder of the Green Point Common outside of the Stadium areas above.  This land was given to the residents of the City as Public Open Space for recreation, and this is their inalienable right.  It may NOT be sold off fo commercialisation, not even to ‘save’ the Stadium.  This public open space is more precious to future generations of Capetonians than the Stadium.
•    We agree that there should be accountability to the City of Cape Town and its residents (p.22).  We agree that there is an essential need for financial transparency regarding the financial operations of a stadium (p.22).  These needs should be fulfilled in the form of audited annual financial statements on the Stadium (profit and loss), made public.
•    The management of events in the Stadium and on the Common, and decisions about these, should be under the control of a Management Board which should include representation from Cape Town ratepayers, who should have meaningful decison-making powers on the Board.

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