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As a civic initiative the Green Point Ratepayers’ & Residents’ Association (GPRRA) undertook to support the programme initiated by Table Mountain National Park to run a highly trained dog patrol unit for crime prevention and mountain rescue on Table Mountain.

Members of the GPRRA met at the unit at the Sanparks base on Signal Hill where they were introduced to the dogs and their handlers and where they made a donation of R7000 towards the running costs.

There are currently 11 dogs which have already proved to be highly effective in chasing and apprehending muggers on the mountain, as well for rescue and recovery. Dogs are able to cover more space in half the time and have many advantages over other interventions and deterrents.

All the dogs are German Shepherds, trained to Level 4 to search and retrieve. Every dog has been in special training for two years, arriving at the dog unit ready and eager to work.

Together with their highly qualified Ranger handlers (DH5 level), the dogs patrol a huge wilderness area and are making a significant difference: there has been a marked increase in the number of arrests, including several suspects on the SAPS 'wanted' list. "The dog is like an extra ranger with speed and agility." said Hilton Blumeris, Senior Section ranger of Table Mountain National Park’s Rangers.

The GPRRA is proud to join the growing support for TMNP’s Rangers and their patrol dogs, who work hard to ensure that everyone can enjoy the beauty of our magnificent natural heritage – Table Mountain. Appearing in photograph: Green Point resident Peter Flint, Bob Goebel, chairman GPRRA with and Dorron Tobi with Baxter.

Should you wish to contribute please contact honorary ranger, Sue Smith on 083 461 9686 or email

Patrol Dog Campaign

GPRRA supports the Table Mountain National Park's Patrol Dog Campaign