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Why all Capetonians should read this

Ratepayers of Cape Town have until 31st March to make their opinions heard on an issue that will have a significant impact on:
•    what will happen to their public open space on the Green Point Common,
•    how much of what they pay in rates will go to running and maintaining the Cape Town Stadium (the Stadium),
•    and whether they want the City to spend more of their rates pursuing commercial ventures related to the Stadium.

We urge all Capetonians to take the matter seriously and use the right to public comment.  The deadline is 31 March 2013.


The City’s plans

The City plans to launch Applications to change the existing regulations controlling development of the public open space of the Green Common, an area of land until now held in trust for the use of residents of the City for sports and recreation only.  They wish to change the terms of the Record of Decision (ROD) agreed when permission was granted to build the Stadium, and to remove the zoning and land use restrictions on the land.


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We invite you to submit your own Opinions for sharing on this website: send pdf file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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