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Following the last Municipal Elections on 1 November 2021, the boundaries of Green Point were altered so we are now juxtaposed between Ward 115 and Ward 54 under Ian McMahon and Nicola Jowell respectively. The boundaries are quite complex however this map shows the following : Councillor McMahon’s ‘territory’ marked in green is south of Main Road to Signal Hill from Boundary Road in the East to Glengariff in the West up to Camberwell Road. Councillor Jowell is responsible for north of Main Road including Helen Suzman and Granger Bay boulevards, the Common (including the Stadium, Virgin Active, Green Point Urban Park), to Sea Point Civic Centre and Glengariff (marked in blue. (Their areas extend way beyond Green Point.)

Please click the image for full view.

Boundaries for Ward 115 & Ward 54

Following the last Municipal Elections, the boundaries of Green Point were altered

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