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To all those who love children:

THE HOMESTEAD PROJECTS FOR STREET CHILDREN: Over 160 children are cared for, housed and educated for approximately R2000 each a month either at their Khayelitsha, Manenberg or Woodstock centres. Since 2000 they have reduced the number of children living on the street by some 90%. They are currently working on solving the problem of street children in the Green Point area. Your contribution will go towards bringing dignity to the most deprived, neglected, abused and traumatised children in highly dysfunctional and marginalised communities. Help one child leave the hurt of the past behind, to reunite with family and to grow into a successful young adult. The Homestead also organizes support for their graduates - R1500 a month can keep a graduate at CPUT.
Email or call: Paul Hooper 021 419 9763 for further information.
Bank info: ABSA, Branch code 632005, The Homestead, cheque account 4052958568 (you can also donate/set up a monthly payment on The Homestead’s website).

SHINE LITERACY: Change the life of a child by helping him or her become a reader. Through their simple, yet effective literacy programme, Shine Literacy believe their vision to create a nation of children who read can become a reality. Volunteer once or twice a week for one hour (between 9.00-10.00 or 11.15-12.15) at Prestwich Primary, Prestwich Street. Initial and ongoing training sessions are given to volunteers by education professionals. Or make a donation to Shine Literacy to sponsor the literacy of a young child from a disadvantaged community.
Email or call: Trudy Coetzee 021 762 4320 for further information.
Bank info: Standard Bank, Branch code 020909, Shine Trust, cheque account 072861339.

Those who are concerned about homelessness and creating employment:

THE HAVEN: The Haven is committed to reintegrating the homeless with their families and communities. Please refer the homeless to the shelter at 2 Napier Street. They offer social work services, accommodation and meals for an initial 30 days. Sponsorship for these shelter facilities is needed. Also consider volunteering at the shelter or funding reintegration costs including learning new skills and preparing for employment. The Haven’s wish list also includes a new vehicle so essential to running the shelter; upgrading the storeroom and kitchen; repairs to windows of the dormitories and offices; new lockers; and toiletries, blankets and food.
Email or call: Hassan Khan 021 425 4700 for further information.
Bank info: Standard Bank, Branch code 020909, The Haven Night Shelter Napier Street, cheque account 071061118.

STRAATWERK, 143 Castle Street, Bo-Kaap: Make a donation to Projek Oprium (Project Cleaning Up) run by Straatwerk, a habilitation programme that helps destitute persons earn cash by means of ‘honest work’ in supervised teams as an alternative to begging or criminal activity. Applicants are coached in basic principles and ethics of hard work as a source of honest income. As Hannes van der Merwe, Manager of Straatwerk Ophelp Projekte, says: ‘In helping them, we are helping our community’.
Email or call Hannes: 021 425 0140 or 072 607 4508 for further information.
Bank info: ABSA, Branch code 632005, Ophelp Projekte, savings account 9150624420.

(all the above have websites)

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