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SUPPORT THIS VERY IMPORTANT NOMINATION: It is crucial that you join us in protecting and preserving the Green Point Common as public open space for the future.

Following the deadline (1 September 2017) for the public participation process in support of the nomination of the Green Point Common as public open space, we are waiting for further developments regarding the protection and preservation of this valuable asset to the community.

The Green Point Ratepayers’ & Residents’ Association (GPRRA) had called for support to achieve yet another of its goals. After years of intense hard work we are nearing our dream of preserving the Green Point Common as public open space that will be protected and conserved in perpetuity for all the people of Cape Town, for all South Africans and for future generations. Proclamation as a Provincial Heritage Site will vest responsibility for heritage management with Heritage Western Cape (HWC) in agreement with the City of Cape Town (CoCT) (the property owner).

In 2015 the CoCT undertook to nominate portions of the Common as a Provincial Heritage Site, but did not follow through. GPRRA therefore took the initiative and asked Dr Antonia Malan to prepare and submit the dossier to HWC in 2016. A supplementary report was then developed in collaboration with heritage officials in the CoCT that clearly expressed the historic and heritage values of this unique urban cultural landscape. The outcome was that the very persuasive proposal was supported and enthusiastically endorsed by civic and heritage groups and, most importantly, HWC has acknowledged that the Common must be protected and conserved.

The next hurdle was to agree on the boundary of the heritage area (click here to read further background information and to view maps for Options B, C & D). GPRRA’s preferred Option B was based on the historic boundary of the area granted to the people of Cape Town in 1923, between Bay Road and Main Road. CoCT (/Council) had proposed only the park and selected sports facilities but not the stadia or tennis precinct (Option D). The joint proposal by GPRRA and CoCT heritage officials suggested Option C, which includes most of the core historic precinct between Bay Road and Helen Suzman Boulevard and the stadia. This boundary is supported by HWC.

Some recent progress has been made so we expect that the Conservation Management Plan, under which the CoCT will operate the Common, will be approved by Heritage Western Cape in the near future. We did object to the application to install two large illuminated 'DHL' signs on the outside of the stadium. We are hoping to reach a compromise which limits the times when the signs will be illuminated. 

Important nomination:

It is crucial that you join us in protecting and preserving the Green Point Common as public open space for the future.