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What the MC does:

Promotes, enforces and safeguards the interests and rights of the ratepayers and residents of the area between Boundary and Glengariff Roads to the East and West, respectively, and between the mountain and the Western Boulevard incorporating the Green Point Common

Objectives of the MC:

  • To ensure that the unique social and physical characteristics of the Green Point village will evolve in a sustainable way in the face of a changing city
  • To ensure that, within the context of City’s densification strategy, Green Point’s heritage and the Green Point Common and Public Open Space are preserved for all residents of Cape Town as well as visitors
  • To encourage a community spirit

Current MC activities:

  • Promoting membership of the Association so as to foster interaction among ratepayers and to increase understanding of civic issues and develop a sense of civic pride
  • Interacting with and communicating with all levels of government
  • Monitoring municipal policies and affairs so as to evaluate them according to the highest principles of good local governance and influencing the City Council of Cape Town to adopt policies, frame regulations and make decisions acceptable to members
  • Communicating with the media
  • Commenting on and objecting to the Environmental Impact Assessment and to the rezoning and subdivision relating to the commercialization of the Stadium and the proposed redevelopment of Somerset Precinct
  • Promoting and facilitating interaction with other organizations in the Greater Cape Town area with similar objectives
  • Remains abreast of matters affecting Green Point such as new by-laws, liquor licenses etc
  • Management of the Association’s website www.gprra.co.za
  • Keeping residents informed of matters that affect them by means of newsletters, emails and the website
  • Organizing special meetings when deemed necessary on controversial issues that affect the community as well as the AGM