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What HEC does:

In addition to focusing on safety, security and environmental issues, the HEC works to bring a greater awareness of community spirit among Green Point residents through the dissemination of positive messages.

Current HEC activities:

  • ‘Speaks’ to residents through social networks to buy into day-to-day management of the neighborhood and to be in control of destiny
  • Looks for opportunities to influence the opinions about Green Point that reinforce the desired brand image  
  • Encourages neighbours to share concerns, raises issues and coordinates action to instil pride in Green Point
  • Shares contact information with neighbours so as to get connected
  • Speaks to media for more positive stories about the neighbourhood to dilute negative messages but continues to fight the negative issues such as crime  
  • Encourage residents to lobby the City to improve service delivery by lodging C3s through the e-Service website https://www.capetown.gov.za/en/ServiceRequests/Pages/default.aspx  
  • Actively promotes free recycling initiative with Waste Plan and effective management of bins to maintain a pristine environment
  • Actively engages with neighbours to keep streets and alleys/steps clean (participates in and/or supports cleaning)
  • Maintains an awareness of illegal dumping (household, garden and building), potholes in road, broken street lights, leaking drains and missing covers, illegal parking etc and lodges C3s
  • Educates neighbours about security
  • Shares the recommendations by field/social workers and GPNW as to how to deal with homeless (ie social issues)
  • Raises funds and donations for The Haven,  Straatwerk and The Homestead